The case of the Unidentified Vehicle

While going through my collection I stumbled upon this vehicle that I remember playing with when I was a kid. However, after scouring the Internet for information on this I have come up empty handed.

All I know is that it is stamped, 1985 Ban Dai Japan. Patent Pending. It is motorized by friction and has rubber wheels. Has six total wheels. Missles on top and it has black and yellow decals on the side. One of which is the number, 12.

If any of you has any information regarding this vehicle let me know below. I've seen some classify this as a Voltron toy which is a possibility as I was big into Voltron around the time I received it. However I do not believe it was. I think if anything it may just be a generic Japanese toy that a family member of mine picked up off a shelf in some store back in the 80's as a gift for me.

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